Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Herbo, a brand of Eco Science Solutions Inc. (ESSI), brings value, order, and consistency to B2G, B2B, and B2C, turning obstacles into opportunities for success.

We are the only enterprise software company that provides innovative, comprehensive, and transparent ERP tools, creating consumer, enterprise, and regulatory interactions.

The Herbo ERP platform creates disruptive solutions for all parties, setting the standard for cannabis programs in the U.S. and beyond.




Herbo’s ERP technology enables brands, retailers, distributors, and more to increase revenue and exceed customer expectations, while remaining compliant.



Herbo’s ERP offers transformational technologies and accounting solutions merged with data analytics to help users connect, regulate, monitor, and enforce.



The Herbo experience begins with the consumer and focuses on a simple, convenient, and safe experience from beginning to end.

The Herbo ERP platform offers unprecedented consumer and enterprise software solutions for the empowerment of multiple industries and regulatory environments with a keen focus on the cannabis and hemp markets.

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