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Why you shouldn’t buy black market cannabis

Canada vs. The Black Market

One of the driving reasons behind Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis use was combating the black market. But despite Canada’s best efforts, the black market continues to thrive. It’s thought that early legalization hiccups such as product shortages, varying product quality and high prices kept many of the public purchasing their cannabis through illegal channels.

The legal cannabis industry has since made great strides in fixing these problems. More retail stores were added, and increased quality control measures were implemented to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. It seems to be working. As per Statistics Canada, the black market supply dropped by 21% since legalization. But legal cannabis still has a long way to go in terms of genuinely disrupting the black market. In the first half of 2019, as many as 42% of Canadians admitted to purchasing their cannabis from an illegal source.


Why you shouldn’t buy black market cannabis

4 Feb, 2022
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