Why Choose an Auto-Flower and How to Select the Finest Strains

Trying to grow a strain of your favorite cannabis can be difficult.
This especially true if you are a working professional with limited time (and space) to spare. The reason is, with traditional strains your light schedule will need to change in order to flower your cannabis plant after it has matured through its vegetation state. While this isn’t exactly challenging for the large grower, it can pose a big problem for the small-scale, reserved grower.

You see, the more plants you have at a certain cycle the more chance you have of creating problems within your small space—particularly the smell.

This will likely alert neighbors that you are growing, which could have an adverse effect on interactions with them. More importantly, however, is the time commitment. As a working professional, you will want a strain that practically that takes care of itself. Perhaps two to three plants growing at different stages would work, so you can also have a continual supply.

While searching for options to solve these very problems, we discovered the remarkable Auto Flowering plant. With an Auto Flowering plant, the light schedule does not have to be changed to 12 hours of darkness in order to start the flowering process. During our most recent venture, we chose seeds from Dutch Passion Seed Company, which was crowned “Best Seed Bank” in the Spannabis Cup of 2014.

The company, which dates back to 1987, quickly became known for sophistication and quality based on their mastery of the science of breeding. One of the things that put them on the map was their ability to create a feminized seed. This meant that only the female or bud-producing plants would grow and, later, the Auto Flower, which does not need 12 hours or more of darkness to flower.

Working with autos, you can have a variety of smaller plants that still produce great buds. We chose Colorado Cookies, Lime Daiquiri, and Brooklyn Sunrise. These strains combine the best of what California, Colorado, and Brooklyn have to offer with the best of the European strains. Let’s take a look at these strains.
has some of the strongest indica-dominant auto genetics. This is a USA Auto Flowering variety combining a delicious fruity flavor with typical Dutch Passion extreme potency and yields, which are significantly above average. The genetics are derived from our original best-selling Auto Blueberry, and an exceptional Girl Scout Cookie cutting from Colorado, famed for a heavy indica stone with a sweet tropical mango taste.

The strain retains a strong fruity aroma, as well as the intense feel-good high from the Girl Scout Cookies. The freedom to grow legally without restrictions in Colorado has enabled some truly excellent genetics to emerge with incredible taste, aroma, and potency. This variety will suit indica fans looking for potent USA genetics with fruity flavors and very relaxed after-effects.

The Auto Brooklyn Sunrise
combines a distinctively spicy taste with large yields of frosty top strength cannabis. The genetics come from the acclaimed USA East Coast ‘Brooklyn’ Diesel clone, noted for a famously rich diesel aroma and strong high. This was combined with some connoisseur AK genetics from upper New York State, and made into a feminized Auto Flowering variety. The result brings together the best East Coast genetics into a heavy yielding and great tasting new auto with a strong yet smooth high.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise gives an unusually strong initial euphoric high, which makes it a perfect morning/breakfast option. This Big-Apple auto is at home in any urban grow-room and comes with our highest recommendations. You can expect to see more from New York as their dispensaries evolve and their knowledge of medical marijuana grows.
California’s Auto Daiquiri Lime
is based on a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste, which was hybridized with an elite resinous photoperiod USA Sour Diesel cutting. This was made into a feminized automatic variety—Auto Daiquiri Lime, which combines the normal superb auto potency with an unusually rich and appealing fruity/diesel aroma and a fresh sour taste. This beauty is ready to harvest 11 weeks after germination and prefers a light nutrient regime. The variety suits growers looking for hard-hitting USA style XXL harvests with rapid growth. The strain is an easy one—especially for a first time grower, and features top quality original USA genetics, with a fruity sour taste and a strong high.

Can you imagine having all of this in a plant that you can comfortably grow on your balcony or in a small grow closet? Whether you are a working professional or simply lack the time and space to mind a traditional strain, your best bet is an Auto Flower. Look for your favorite Auto flower strain at your local seed shop.

21 Mar, 2019