DNail Analog

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DNail Analog


Our most affordable and easiest to use vaporizer, the version 2 analog controller features a compact body and dial temperature control. While analog units do not have the high degree of precision featured in our digital vaporizers, these have been calibrated and labeled to help you dial into the range that works best for your nail and essential oil. Uses the same XLR heaters as our digital vaporizers, so everything will be compatible if you decide to upgrade to digital in the future. Controller is covered by a 2 year warranty, including one discounted heater replacement. ($40 off the kevlar-sheathed heater of your choice.)

Photo shows D-NAiL® V1.3 titanium nail with Chicago-Style Deep Dish and 20mm standard heater. Other heater and nail options are available, some at additional cost.


  • D-NAiL® Analog Controller
  • Choice of nail (some options at additional cost)
  • D-NAiL® Coil Heater (Kanthal nichrome) with kevlar sheath (extended life or encased heater available at additional cost)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two Year Warranty against failure on all electronic components, including one discounted heater replacement.

All vaporizers are assembled in New York. Every component is either built, designed, or both in America, Canada, or Europe.

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