Introducing Don Taylor

“My name is Don Taylor and I’m part of the Herbo team.”

I have a deep interest in marijuana and the cannabis lifestyle. Marijuana has played a positive part in my life, from easing of pain to offering a community that truly cares about one another. I’m a proud card carrying member of the medical marijuana club and feel honored to be a part of this revolution.

Herbo offers so many positives in my life from the community members to the convenience of finding anything I need involving marijuana, but the most valuable and inspirational part of Herbo to me getting to work on something this special with my brother Jeffery.

Jeffery and I have very different backgrounds that complement one another. Expressing different opinions and giving positive critique is something that we pride ourselves on, because after all Jeffery has know me for the longest time. It also helps that at the end of a long day I can walk out the door with my brother. This helps balance how we work together on the mission of propelling Herbo to huge success.

We have successfully worked together for many years and on an array of different projects.

However, this venture carries the culmination of our efforts into a business that we both are very passionate about.

We want to make Herbo the best e-commerce company in the world for all things cannabis. We are blending all the cannabis parts into one perfect app; the dispensaries, the smoke shops, the doctors, and the products.

We want Herbo to be “the” marketplace for all of your cannabis needs that support your cannabis lifestyle. We are planting the seeds so that you can reap the harvest of this singular opportunity within the world of marijuana.

2016 is setting-up to be a big year for the cannabis industry, and I look forward to sharing big upcoming things about the cannabis industry and how Herbo plays a major role in its growth.

This first blog post will serve as the stepping stone to an incredible journey for Herbo and the cannabis industry, from now into the into future. Read the Herbo blog for a continuous journal from us to you on the many uses of cannabis, the industry itself, how Herbo is helping the marijuana community, and any marijuana related updates.


Don Taylor

21 Mar, 2019