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How and Why To Avoid Problems With Metrc’s Seed-To-Sale Regulatory System: A Real Life Lesson

As any cannabis business owner will tell you, the single most mission-critical aspect of running a successful, scalable cannabis operation is proper inventory management practices. And in today’s world, proper inventory management goes hand in hand with robust information technologies now used to capture data and create actionable reports. If something goes wrong with the system or the system is used improperly huge financial losses can result. And in worst case scenarios licenses can also be revoked.

We mention this because just such a mishap occurred recently, and it’s far better to learn from the mistakes of others than wait until they happen to you. This is just one example of how inventory tracking issues can result in huge setbacks.

The case in point is Alternative Therapies Group, a licensed retailer in Salem, Mass. which has been selling medical cannabis since June of 2015, and which recently, in Dec. 2018, added recreational marijuana to their offering.


14 Mar, 2020
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