Mitigate the frequency of tax shrink, manipulation and fraud – Herbo Finance enables government entities to collect fees and taxes electronically and generate tax receipts as frequently as daily.

Herbo Financial Credit is exchanged for products and services inside the network.

The Herbo Financial network is growing, and freedom from cash is coming to all who become Herbo Financial members.

Speak with your favorite retailer. Let them know that Herbo Financial brings people and the places they shop together... with financial services everyone can bank on.

  • Herbo Financial pre-approves non-government members — consumers and businesses — to be member account holders in the Herbo Financial network.
  • Herbo Financial is a compliant, innovative FinTech solution, and it is U.S.-based and offered through financial institution registration with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
  • Herbo Financial network members exchange their money (cash, credit card or debit card) for Herbo Financial Credit. Their money is placed in a 100% collateralized account in U.S. banks, and it is exchanged at the rate of $1 = 1 Herbo Financial Credit.
  • Consumer members use Herbo Financial Credit to pay for services and products.
  • Business members record sales taxes and inventory through Herbo Financial, and taxes can be remitted electronically to government entities that are also Herbo Financial members.
  • Taxes can be remitted as frequently as daily or customized to be sent at different intervals.




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