From traditional businesses , to unbanked, under-banked and those in cash-intensive industries, Herbo Financial provides financial services you can bank on.

  • With cash turned into electronic payments, vulnerable cash-on-hand and potential for theft are significantly reduced.
  • Herbo Financial enables the unbanked and underbanked to work with your business and expand your current customer base.
  • There are fee collection features that enable government agencies, investors, leasing and insurance companies (and others) to electronically collect their fees without interruption.
  • Generate tax payments as frequently as daily, but that can be customized to individual business needs.
  • From business conception to business expansion, every Herbo Financial component is compliant, auditable and scalable as your business grows. Herbo Financial provides you the freedom to focus on the daily operation of your business, increase revenue and have complete and accurate readiness for business audits when they occur. Now you can build your business with complete confidence. Herbo Financial delivers affordable financial solutions that will serve you compliantly and without interruption to your daily operations.
  • As a mobile and Internet-based application, Herbo Financial is a consumer, business and government membership-facing portal.
  • Herbo Financial pre-approves members — consumers, businesses and government — to be member account holders in the Herbo Financial network.
  • Herbo Financial network members exchange their money (cash, credit card or debit card) for Herbo Financial Credit. Their money is placed in a 100% collateralized account in U.S. banks, and it is exchanged at the rate of $1 = 1 Herbo Financial Credit.
  • Consumer members use Herbo Financial Credit to pay for services and products. The sales taxes and inventory are recorded, making it easy for businesses to report them. In addition, businesses can even electronically remit taxes where government entities are Herbo Financial members.
  • As a business member, you can use your Herbo Financial Credit to make purchases, pay vendors and even pay your taxes, to participating government agencies, throughout the Herbo Financial network. When you need to go outside the network, simply redeem or pay bills as needed through a variety of electronic payment options.