Enterprise Resource Planning

User Interaction and Compliance Modernization Is No Longer Optional!

Herbo has established an “ecosphere” to assist and empower consumers and companies to effectively transact, with compliance in the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry.

• All-in-one ERP seed -to-sale tracking system with clear and automated reporting from one single source

• Real-time access to data that is validated and usable by state agencies to perform their role

• Full-stack connection of consumer transactions to both regulatory and enforcement agencies through easy-to-use enterprise software with simplified regulatory and enforcement processes
Transformational technologies and accounting solutions merged with data analytics to help users be more effective in their abilities to connect, regulate, monitor, and enforce
Modern regulatory software for multiple industries, including cannabis and hemp
Fully operational and positioned for both enhanced consumer engagement and state-by-state licensing revenue growth


Core Components for the Cannabis Industry

The Herbo ERP solution will track everything from seed to sale, creating efficiency, transparency, compliancy, and growth.