Business: Dispensary

The Herbo integrated POS platform provides a quick and efficient sales process with the deployment of retail, e-commerce storefront, and Go-based shopping cart. Maintain real-time inventory control that is synced with state regulatory systems while your customers easily shop.


Customized our POS System to Your Specifications

  • Every business is unique, therefore the software must be as well.
  • We make it convenient to gather important data in a secure manner.

Increase Growth

  • Encourage in-person and online purchases by sending out targeted email and text campaigns.
  • Create easily manageable discount programs that will help you drive greater profits.


  • Cannabis regulatory requirements differ by state and can be extremely complicated.
  • Our system assists in maintaining 100% compliancy at all times, including preventing over-dispensing.

Merchant Processing

  • Herbo commerce solutions were specifically engineered to enable sales through all major services as permitted by law, including safe and cashless operations.