Introducing Jeffery Taylor

On behalf of Herbo, I would like to welcome you to our Ohana, which is the Hawaiian meaning for “family.”

 I believe that 2016 is going to be a tremendous year for us and for the entire cannabis industry.  

Herbo was created because we wanted to make a difference in the cannabis industry by forging a community.  The cannabis community has played a big part in my life and I want to offer the same to everyone else.


When I joined the military, I envisioned that it could possibly be a long-term career for me.  I had the opportunity to work with the United Nations and witnessed firsthand how people can make a difference on a global level.  

Unfortunately, I was injured during my military career and eventually discharged.  I turned to marijuana as a solution to help me manage the pain from my injuries.  

I have experienced first hand the wonderful benefits of marijuana, which served as a launching pad for me to explore all of the wonderful things that marijuana can do.  From my military experience, I learned the importance of our having freedom and rights, and standing for a cause.  

Thus, my passion for all things cannabis has been channeled into Herbo.  Oh, and one of the cool things is that I get to work with my brother, Don.  

We are based in Maui.  Don and I love getting outdoors and experiencing all of the wonderful gifts of Maui – from the surf, to the beautiful sea, to the lush green tropics.  Not only is Maui a beautiful place to live but centers around a lifestyle that compliments the Eco Science business.

Please check in with my blog periodically for the updates to what we have in store for Herbo. 

I will continue to give you updates on new features and accomplishments for Herbo, as well as provide my opinions on various cannabis topics that include product reviews, thoughts on my favorite strains, my passion for growing marijuana and other fun and informative facts about my cannabis lifestyle.  


Jeffery Taylor